Who are we?

Conference Administration and Organisation Services CAOS is an organisation agency with 35 years of international experience. We work with an extensive clientele, including corporate, governmental, scientific and academic associations. Our field is very diverse, ranging from symposia, conferences, workshops and product launches to custom-made events such as tours, site-visits, parties and theatrical productions – in the Netherlands and abroad.

At CAOS we form a close team. We value the personal approach and represent each other where needed. Experience shows that the client quickly becomes part of this strong team. The result is a positive and productive working-relationship and a successful and unique event or project.

What do we do well?

As well as delivery of all the logistical services for events, CAOS specializes in developing concepts for events and longer-term strategies, programmes and projects. Thanks to our 35 years’ experience in the business, we help and advise our clients on the budget and help attract industry and sponsors for meetings. We offer our own online registration system as well as an academic abstract system. We adapt them to the client’s needs in-house. Furthermore, our IT specialists can create conference websites especially for the project.

CAOS organises events and projects that bridge the desire of the client, the expectation of the participants and the expertise of CAOS. The result is a happy client and smiling participants who leave with a good feeling and precious memories. Think of us as the people behind the organization: ‘invisible’, but always present to steer everything in the right direction using our know-how and energy. We are personal but professional, give creative attention to detail, and always think in terms of opportunities.
CAOS has its own software development: Its caos.

Our partners?

The Amsterdam Congress and Tourism Bureau Amsterdam Marketing
CSR Netherlands
Ten Foundation