Project management

We are professional organizers, so once a project is assigned to us we will start planning. Due to our experience, we know which steps to take, how to prioritize and how to handle. We will keep good contact with our client and make sure we know exactly what the expectations is, what the objective and the budget of the event are. With those three items in mind, we will find a suitable venue, help set up the program, arrange speakers, performers, a social program, set up a registration page and manage the communication with the delegates, find industry partners and manage all further logistics.

Once the date draws nearer, we will set up a detailed time schedule which contains all the details for the program. We will provide staff to run the meeting in a professional way, manage and watch over the time schedule and take care of all other aspects related. We will develop detailed specs for all suppliers, be in charge of all catering/banquet purchasing and we will develop detailed scenarios for all arrangements on-site. We will also develop and manage all plans / floorplans and meeting room set-up, as well as identify technical requirements. All staff will be overseen by the CAOS team onsite.

The best reward for the project leaders, is when all hard work comes together and the event runs smoothly, with happy delegates and a proud client!