With 35 years of experience, we advise our clients on how to successfully organise their event. Our expertise lies in thinking in creative ways to organise the sessions, with unexpected presentation techniques and an efficient use of space.

Concept development

One of the specialities of CAOS is to create a concept that forms the basis of an event or longterm project. A strong concept will ensure your event has a backbone which will guide you in putting an unique meeting together.

Online events

Whether the platform is Zoom, Teams or another one of the many possibilities, we organize your online or hybrid event effortlessly. CAOS is proud to present its first successful online European wide meeting with multiple sessions in different meeting rooms.

Project management

We are professional organisers, so once a project is assigned to us we will start with planning your conference or event. Due to our experience, we know which steps we have to take, how to prioritize tasks and how to handle.

Financial management

A succesful event is not only a fun event with strong content and a good logistical organisation, but it is also a financially healthy event. Throughout the preparations, we will therefore help you set up a realistic budget and manage the budget for you.


Whether it concerns a conference, product launch, team-building activity or any other event, we like to help with communication strategies and advice. Together with you, we set up a timeline and communication plan, to make sure as many delegates as possible will know of your event.