CAOS cares

Our mission is to organise events that are in harmony with the client’s wishes, that are financially sound, and that contribute valuable content in a creative way, always ensuring the safety and security of the delegates and making things easy for our client.

In short, we create and organise meetings with a heart and character.

We have many things to be grateful for. We feel privileged that we can work in a safe and healthy environment, that we have happy clients and that we continue to have such wonderful projects in our portfolio. Exactly this is why we want to share what we have with the less fortunate or vulnerable in the world. For the 100th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Dentist Association we organised the National Dental Check-up week. Through our network the famous illustrators Fokke & Sukke created the campaign to increase socio-economically disadvantaged people’s access to dental care.

Whilst working with pediatric orthopedic surgeons, we have enabled medical specialists from all over the world to treat children and train local medical teams in developing countries and conflict zones. We also worked with the Dutch government to organise the International Day Against Homophobia conference with the UN’s message: LGBT rights are human rights. Together we will build a world that is free and equal. Please see the video about lgbt rights are human rights below.

The fashion show we organised for the Child conference was an initiative and charity project of our team. We would like to thank Maison PR (for the fashion), Bourgonje Technical support, Bodine Metz (make-up) and the photographers Carla van Tijn and Froukje van der Zanden who all helped to realise the show.

Please find below a video about a project entitled A Volcano of Opportunities.

CAOS also has its own foundation: the Ten Foundation; aiming to provide young people an opportunity to secure a safe and sustainable future.

Ten Foundation

In 1997, CAOS founded the Ten Foundation. The goal is to create an opportunity for young people to secure safe and sustainable futures for themselves. The Ten Foundation has officially been approved and registered as an NGO. Whilst based in the Netherlands, the Ten Foundation is also established as a registered trust in Zimbabwe where most if its activities are based. The foundation works to raise funds and find support for existing projects. Also, we initiate new projects within young communities. Ten is currently focusing on supporting and training vulnerable youth in Zimbabwe so that they can become safe and happy individuals who are able to lead independent adult lives. Ten is also active in the D.R.Congo. Supported by Heineken, Bralima, Cordaid, the Netherlands Embassy and the Belgian Consulate, we work in training disadvantaged communities to produce their own food for consumption and sale.

CAOS is proud to put its experience and resources towards Ten Foundation projects. We are always seeking opportunities for CAOS and partners to contribute to a safer and fairer worldwide community, starting with the young beneficiaries Ten Foundation supports. For more information about the Ten Foundation, please see and contact us for details and opportunities.