Scientific events

CAOS organises scientific events for universities and associations for many years. With our own registration and abstract handling programme, we can assist programme committees in organising the content of their events. We help them find the right (keynote) speakers and are creative in thinking of new presentation techniques or work forms.  Moreover, to ensure a financially healthy event and create a bridge between research and industry, we can advise on how to attract partners to the events.

An example of one of our scientific events is the 33rd International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis (MSB). The University of Amsterdam approached CAOS to organise this event. They had one special request: to attract more young delegates to the conference. We came with the idea to organise a Young Scientist Award. This way, young researches were motivated to send in an application and attend the conference. In addition to the award, we asked students of the University of Amsterdam to help with various tasks onsite. These students helped filling the conference bags, collecting delegates at the station, and assisting the speakers with the setup of their presentations. In return, the students were offered free entry to the scientific programme of the conference and accomodation in the conference hotel.

Other activities run by CAOS were:

  • the handling of the registrations and abstract applications
  • the choice of the venue
  • the organisation of the technique
  • transfers, accomodation and catering
  • social activities
  • all communication with delegates and speakers