Anniversary of KNMT

KNMT (Royal Dutch Association of Dentists) wanted to create a very special programme of events throughout the year to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and chose CAOS to develop and realize these events. We began with a reception in the Ridderszaal (Hall of Knights) in The Hague, where NMT members and staff enjoyed great food, drinks and each other’s company in the exclusive venue. Due to the excellent programme and design of the promotion we arranged, participation far exceeded what NMT had experienced before. Next, we organized a summer beach party and we ended the year by organizing a Christmas party.

NMT Conference Amsterdam

CAOS also organized the NMT conference in Amsterdam, which again attracted more delegates than before, including His Royal Majesty King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. This conference consisted of lectures, workshops, an industrial exhibition, and was closed with a dinner for 900 in the Rijksmuseum. Last but not least, the NMT jubilee activity that CAOS is most proud of, was to work on the ‘National Check-up Week’. During this week Dutch citizens that do not have access to dental treatment due to financial or personal difficulty are offered a free dental check-up and can apply for support for further treatment.