Corporate CWS Boco and Initial

Following the merger of CWS Boco and Initial, CAOS organized the two-day kickoff event for the Sales teams of Belgium and Luxembourg. For the teambuilding activities, we had a separate meeting. In that meeting we took a close look at the purpose as well as the result the Team manager had in mind. Five new core values were recently defined by the Team manager, and we integrated those values in a game. The different teams all had to do several assignments, where every assignment was connected to one specific core value.

Furthermore, we had to find a suitable location for the kick-off. We came across a nice estate in Genval, big enough for all teams to have their the outdoor activities and enough interior space for all meetings. Coincidently this location situated on the border of Wallonia and Flanders. Because one of the core values was breaking barriers, we made an assignment in which the teams had to break the barrier literally by canoe. A huge success!

  © Jürgen de Witte