Communication strategies and advice

Whether it concerns a conference, workshop, product launch, team-building activity or any other event, CAOS likes to help with communication strategies and advice. Together with you as our client, we can set up a timeline and communication plan, to make sure as many delegates as possible will know of your event and receive the message you wish to share with them. With our solid international experience, we are good at creating newsletters, sending invitations and making communication strategies for our clients. Also as a communication advisor we have received good references. The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure and others have highly recommended us.

Verbal and visual

CAOS has a wide variety of clientele: corporate, governmental, scientific and academic associations. And they all have different ways of communicating. We can advise our clients on how to clarify their message, preferably in a tantalising verbal and visual way. Video artists, photographers, graphic designers as well as 3-D light shows are means we can integrate during an event. Furthermore, we often cooperate with poets, editors, illustrators and storytellers to achieve the best possible result. If necessary, we can write the scripts for the chairs or for important guests, to make sure the content is presented in a strong way and with room for interaction.