1 February 2019

The 9th edition of SCM!

This week, Amsterdam formed the navel of the world of “large” molecules, as  the 9th international symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules (SCM-9) took place! CAOS is proud to join the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit and their Centre…
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22 January 2019

Looking with kindness

Recently I was asked to look at something with kindness. Usually we look at things we like with kindness. A picture of the office pet was liked and shared more than a 1.000 times on LinkedIn. A pretty flower or a happy child makes us…
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21 November 2018

CAOS joins NL Cares

In 2018 CAOS joined NL Cares again. Many activities were organised for citizens who can use extra attention and care. We helped in ‘woonzorgcentrum de Flesseman’ in Amsterdam, were a local singer made a special program for the elderly. We served and helped cleaning, but especially…
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20 June 2018

evRoaming4EU officially started

Allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in Europe by making roaming for charging electric vehicles a reality in Europe. In a short video European partners and parties concerned explain quick and clear why the acceleration of EV-roaming has to be high…
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